Wataru Hinekure

My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 5 -- Wataru Hinekure, Paperback

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In this warmhearted romantic comedy, a mistaken identity leads to a blossoming romance between two boys.

Aoki has a crush on Hashimoto, the girl in the seat next to him in class. But he despairs when he borrows her eraser and sees she's written the name of another boy--Ida--on it. To make matters more confusing, Ida sees Aoki holding that very eraser and thinks Aoki has a crush on him!

Aoki has a crush on Ida, a boy in his class. Aoki is on cloud nine to be dating Ida, but he's in trouble when it comes to his grades. He starts attending a cram school, and for some reason, one of the instructors there starts giving Aoki lessons on love?!

Author: Wataru Hinekure
Publisher: Viz Media
Published: 10/04/2022
Pages: 184
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.36lbs
Size: 7.51h x 5.05w x 0.64d
ISBN: 9781974727216

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Aruko, Comics & Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels-Manga, LGBTQ+, Manga, My Love Mix-Up!, Paperback, Romance, Teenagers, Viz Media, Wataru Hinekure

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