About Us

At Book and Mortar Record Store, we love books, we love music, and we love sharing our collection of awesome media with the world.

In early 2020 when the world was crashing, the most logical thing to do (aside from playing Animal Crossing) was to start an online business to compete with the likes of amazon and walmart - having access to these wonderful books and records and struggling to get any visibility on the mega platforms didn't really feel like fun. 

The current project is working on building this site so that we can offer the same content we offer on amazon, but for 15% less (no commission fees, or $1.80 variable closing fees, etc.) There is a good chance that amazon still 'has it cheaper' and that's fine. It simply has to be 'fine' in this day and age. We are doing what we can to create a nice shoppable platform for those who are willing to shop with us.  

Collecting books, movies, video games, records, CDs, VHS tapes, 8-tracks... that's what life seemed to be about for quite a while. Things have certainly changed from a decade ago, and rather than lament the times gone by, I'd rather fumble around with making a site and a company that is FUN for us to work on, functional and engaging for shoppers, and most importantly, where we can continue collecting random books and records. 


All that being said (and edited relentlessly), please consider bookmarking this site or signing up for our email newsletter. I promise the newsletters won't be too invasive -- I get super busy with other things and forget to send it out for weeks at a time anyway. I always want to hear from you - if you're looking for something in particular, or an out of print book, I'm happy to help. Shopify has some limitations with SKU count -- I can realistically only load around 50,000 products on here before things start to throttle and move slowly. I have access to over 19,000,000 book titles, and tens of thousands of CDs and Records *new and used*. It just takes an email, and I can see what I can do to help you :) 


If you're still here, thanks so much for taking interest in this company. It really does mean a lot to me.    -- Eric