Take Me Home by Bitner, Andrea
Andrea Bitner

Take Me Home [Paperback] Bitner, Andrea - Paperback

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When the train hit, we all felt it. Maybe not physically but with a tidal force that rapidly unearthed a pain that none of us were ready for. From Ghana to Ecuador, Benin to El Salvador, Lebanon to Taiwan, Gujarat to China, Burma to Kenya; we were wounded. This jolt of agony traveled in a variety of paths for each of us - text, phone call, social media, police visit, and in person. No matter what language each of us received the news, it didn't seem tangible. "Nancy was dead." نانسي كانت ميتة Nancy était morte. નેન્સી મરી ગઈ હતી. Nancy estaba muerta. Nancy estaba muerta.
In this riveting true story, join the journeys of these amazing young men and women who exhibit the fuel, grit, and chance to navigate and embrace the American dream. As they charge their wings from around the world and switch their life plans, they are able to surge forward through volts of triumph, tribulation, and tragedy. They have no evidence that their journey will land success. It's a plunge that most are unwilling to take. Yet in due time, it is exactly what they need to teach the world that learning a second language should always be considered an asset, and not a handicap.
If you have ever wondered "Why do people come to America?"
This book is for you.
If you have ever pondered "Should I go to America?"
This book is for you.
To all who are here, living and growing in this diverse land of beautiful stormy seas - this book is for you.

Author: Andrea Bitner
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Published: 07/30/2021
Pages: 106
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.33lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.29d
ISBN: 9781398418912