Seven Days: Monday-Sunday by Takarai, Rihito
Rihito Takarai

Seven Days: Monday-Sunday -- Rihito Takarai - Paperback

The rules were clear: they could date for a week. But someone forgot to tell love!

On a whim, high school third-year Yuzuru Shino asks out first-year Toji Seryo, who is notorious for being a weeklong lover--he'll date the first girl to ask him out Monday morning and then promptly dump her by the following Monday! The boys start dating, and by Tuesday, the first inklings of attraction hit. Can these two put words to their feelings before Monday comes, or are old habits too hard to break?

Author: Rihito Takarai, Venio Tachibana
Publisher: Sublime
Published: 12/10/2019
Pages: 364
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.65lbs
Size: 7.10h x 5.20w x 1.20d
ISBN: 9781974709274
Age Range: 8-12

About the Author
This is Rihito Takarai's third English-language release, with her prior being Ten Count and Graneliers. She has also been published in French, Spanish, and German. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in October, she's a Libra with an O blood type.