A Tidy Ending by Cannon, Joanna
Joanna Cannon

A Tidy Ending -- Joanna Cannon - Hardcover

From the bestselling author of The Trouble with Goats and Sheep and Three Things About Elsie, a delightfully sinister novel about a married woman living a nice, quiet suburban life--but things aren't always what they seem...

Linda has lived in a quiet neighborhood since fleeing the dark events of her childhood in Wales. Now she sits in her kitchen, wondering if this is all there is: pushing the vacuum around and cooking fish sticks for dinner, a far cry from the glamorous lifestyle she sees in the glossy magazines coming through the mail slot addressed to the previous occupant, Rebecca.

Linda's husband Terry isn't perfect--he picks his teeth, tracks dirt through the house, and spends most of his time in front of the TV. But that seems fairly standard--until he starts keeping odd hours at work, at around the same time young women in the town start to go missing.

If only Linda could track down and befriend Rebecca, maybe some of that enviable lifestyle would rub off on her and she wouldn't have to worry about what Terry is up to. But the grass isn't always greener and you can't change who you really are. And some secrets can't stay buried forever...

Author: Joanna Cannon
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
Published: 08/02/2022
Pages: 352
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.94lbs
Size: 8.59h x 5.82w x 1.22d
ISBN: 9781982185572

Review Citation(s):
Publishers Weekly 06/13/2022
Kirkus Reviews 06/15/2022
Booklist 07/01/2022 pg. 25
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