Attack on Titan Omnibus 5 (Vol. 13-15) by Isayama, Hajime

Attack on Titan Omnibus 5 (Vol. 13-15) [Paperback] Isayama, Hajime - Paperback

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It's never been easier to attack Attack on Titan than with these new, giant-sized 3-in-1 omnibus editions! If you've been waiting for the final anime season to check out the do-or-die shonen adventure that defined a decade, now's your chance. These new books tuck almost 600 pages of manga behind a specially-embossed cover, all in a larger size than the regular version.

Includes Vol. 13-15 of Attack on Titan.

At great cost to the Garrison and the Survey Corps, Commander Erwin has managed to recover Eren from the Titans who tried to carry him off. But during the battle, Eren manifested yet another power he doesn't understand. As Eren and Krista find new enemies, the Survey Corps faces threats from both inside and outside the walls. And what will happen to Ymir, now that she has decided to make herself the Titans' prize?

Author: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Published: 07/12/2022
Pages: 576
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.47lbs
Size: 8.16h x 5.83w x 1.77d
ISBN: 9781646513789