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In Tootsie, the Character Michael Dorsey Lands the Role of a Lifetime As Does the Actor Playing Him, Dustin Hoffman. This Multilayered Comedy from Director Sydney Pollack Follows the Increasingly Elaborate Deception of a Down-On-His-Luck New York Actor Who Disguises Himself As a Woman to Get a Coveted Soap Opera Gig: While His Female Persona Skyrockets to Fame, He Finds Himself Learning to Be a Better Man. Hoffman's Ball-Busting Yet Disarmingly Sweet Dorothy Michaels Is a Sensational Comic Creation, Given Support By a Stellar Cast Including Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Teri Garr, George Gaynes, Bill Murray, and, in Her First Oscar-Winning Role, Jessica Lange. Imbued with Poignant Drama, Tootsie Is a Funny and Cutting Film from An American Moment Defined By Shifting Social and Sexual Identities.

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