This Is How We Stay Healthy: For Kids Going to Preschool by DK
Board Book

This Is How We Stay Healthy: For Kids Going to Preschool -- DK

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Board Book
A fun, informative book for preschoolers to teach them "big kid" life skills!

Learn the super important life skills to keep healthy through text bubbles, "try-it-yourself" prompts and colorful illustrations.

This bright-colored illustrated children's storybook for young readers ages 0-3 includes easy-to-read text, tons of pictures and so much more:

- Children gently learn lots of essential facts and practices around staying healthy - like what foods are good for them, why it's vital to wash ourselves and key table manners.
- Encourages children to put their new skills into practice and try out what they are learning in the real world.
- Each spread is broken up separately and presented in a highly visual way with bright and attractive illustrations.
- Includes a handy "staying healthy" checklist at the back of the book.

Grown-ups may have forgotten, but being kids is hard work! There's a whole world to discover and things to learn when it comes to staying healthy -- from how to wash your hands properly to learning what foods are good for you and why exercise is important -- and a whole bunch of other things too.

Don't be alarmed. This early learning book is here to guide little learners by teaching them the life skills they need to look after themselves before they step onto a preschool playground. It is an engaging and effective book for kids starting school and nervous parents!

This Is How We Stay Healthy
is part of a new adorable series of four preschool learning board books from DK. This essential set provides an interactive and engaging way to help children grow into four key areas of life: getting ready, eating well, making friends and keeping safe.

Author: DK
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
Published: 02/22/2022
Pages: 16
Binding Type: Board Book
Weight: 0.35lbs
Size: 7.04h x 7.14w x 0.28d
ISBN: 9780744039559
Audience: Baby-Preschool