The Sweetest Betrayal by Mae, Natalie
The Sweetest Betrayal (The Kinder Poison) [Hardcover] Mae, Natalie - Hardcover
Natalie Mae

The Sweetest Betrayal (The Kinder Poison) [Hardcover] Mae, Natalie - Hardcover

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In this heart-pounding conclusion to The Kinder Poison trilogy--which People magazine proclaimed a "delicious high-stakes adventure"--war looms over Orkena, but can Zahru save her people without losing herself?

War has come to Orkena.

Zahru has risen as Mestrah, and she is determined to peacefully end the escalating tensions with Wyrim, her country's long-time enemy. Yet diplomacy proves to be futile, and when Zahru turns to Orkena's allies for help, she finds that none are willing to come to her aid--not without Kasta ruling at her side.

As Wyrim advances on the capital, Zahru is desperate to protect her people, even if that means accepting Kasta's help. But her enemy is merciless. And as ambushes and betrayals push Zahru to increasingly dark tactics, she wonders if perhaps Kasta had it right all along: maybe peace was never an option ... and maybe she was never meant to do this alone.

Can Zahru spare her enemy without sacrificing her kingdom? Or will Orkena's salvation only come if Zahru becomes the monster her people need?

Author: Natalie Mae
Publisher: Natalie Mae
Published: 02/14/2023
Pages: 394
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.40lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.00d
ISBN: 9780578313740