Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer, Long Hot Summer, DVD

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$5 - $10, Alex North, Angela Lansbury, Anthony Franciosa, Bob Adler, Brian Corcoran, Byron Foulger, Drama, Eugene Jackson, Fox, George Dunn, Helen Wallace, I. Stanford Jolley, J. Pat O'Malley, Jess Kirkpatrick, Jim Brandt, Joanne Woodward, Lee Remick, Long Hot Summer, Mabel Albertson, Martin Ritt, Movies, Movies & TV › Movies, Nicholas King, Orson Welles, Over $10, Paul Newman, Ralph Reed, Recently Sold, Richard Anderson, Sarah Marshall, Under $5, Val Avery, William Walker

Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Orson Welles, Anthony Franciosa, Lee Remick and Angela Lansbury co-star in this riveting tale of life in the Deep South. Provocative and compelling, it simmers with sexual tension, bawdy humor and a powerful clash of personalities. When Ben Quick (Newman), a suspected barnburner drifts into town, he catches the eye of Will Varner, a tyrannical, intimidating patriarch (Welles) who decides Quick is the ideal husband for his spinsterish daughter (Woodward). But once the loner moves in, the two men lock horns, drawing Varner's family into a complex web of emotions and actions that leaves all of them changed forever.

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