The Continuum Concept by Liedloff, Jean
Jean Liedloff

The Continuum Concept -- Jean Liedloff - Paperback

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Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years in the South American jungle living with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her Western preconceptions of how we should live and led her to a radically different view of what human nature really is. She offers a new understanding of how we have lost much of our natural well-being and shows us practical ways to regain it for our children and for ourselves.

Author: Jean Liedloff
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Published: 01/22/1986
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.39lbs
Size: 8.27h x 5.43w x 0.54d
ISBN: 9780201050714

About the Author
Jean Liedloff practiced and taught psychotherapy based on her book the Continuum Concept. She lectured in many countries where her views earned a substantial following and she was also a founding member of The Ecologist magazine. You can learn more about Liedloff and her work at