Kimberly S. Bohannon

The Beautiful Destruction of My Life: Finding hope in my Journey as a Wife, Mother, and Caregiver to a Disabled Veteran with Multiple System Atrophy -- Kimberly S. Bohannon, Paperback

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At age 40, with two children, a busy career, and a crumbling marriage, Kim's entire family faced an unexpected life-altering change. Kim's husband was slowly succumbing to an unknown debilitating illness that they later learned was Multiple System Atrophy. Join Kim as she shares how being a caregiver to a disabled veteran with a rare terminal illness changed her life, marriage, relationship with family and friends, and ultimately her faith. Kim's journey shares the real raw emotions, the hidden and often secretive side of caregiving, and some humor dripped in as Kim learned to embrace a situation she could never have anticipated or desired. Kimberly S. Bohannon is an author, mom, business professional, and volunteer. After becoming a caregiver, a job she never applied for, she developed a heart for other caregivers and the unique challenges. When not working on her next novel or her career in credit unions, Kim spends her time advocating for the prevention of elder financial exploitation, hiking, playing in nature, and testing out her rudimentary home improvement skills on the latest project. Kim is committed to organizations that support her commitment to caregivers and vulnerable adults, including serving on the Board of Directors of Inheritance of Hope, a wonderful organization whose mission is to inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent to a terminal illness and serving on a state level elder financial exploitation prevention task force.

Author: Kimberly S. Bohannon
Publisher: Xulon Press
Published: 02/26/2023
Pages: 182
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.52lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.42d
ISBN: 9781662862847

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Caregiving, Death/ Grief/ Bereavement, Family & Relationships, Kimberly S. Bohannon, Love / Sex / Marriage, Marriage & Long Term Relationships, Medical, Paperback, Self-Help, Xulon Press

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