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Spacebase Startopia for Nintendo Switch Space base Star top I A captivates with its original mixture of economic simulation and empire building strategy paired with classic RTS skirmishes and a good dose of humor. In addition to the challenging single player campaign and the versatile battle mode, there are also competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes for up to four players. And as if maintaining the three space station Decks, entertaining the eight alien races and defending against enemy invaders were not enough of a challenge, the dynamic narrator AI is not going to mince matters and commentates the events in a lovely but sharp-tongue manner. Features The 10-mission, fully dubbed single-player campaign will require all your skills as Commander of the space base Star top I A as you strive to create One of the most attractive trade and tourism destinations in the known universe Each of the three decks will require your leadership skills, with the sub deck containing all the rooms vital to survival, while the fun deck focuses on your visitors and the flora and fauna found on the bio deck provides sufficient resources for survival Prevail against your competitors, for You are not alone on the space station. Sabotage your opponents' Economy or attack them with your much units, conduct trade and beware of space pirates eager to board your station The dynamic narrator AI Val" Reacts to your decisions and is always at your side in both Word and deed - and the occasional extremely unqualified comment In addition to the extensive single player campaign, an individually configurable sandbox mode as well as both a competitive and a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players awaits you