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Chin Hao (Chen Lee/Myoshin Hayakawa), arrives in America looking for a better life, only to be faced with locals that don't take kindly to outsiders. Much to their surprise, Chin is not your average drifter as he rips his way through racist bad guys with his unstoppable fighting techniques. After word of his skills spreads, he gets a job at a ranch only to find that the owner, Stanley Spencer, is a cattle smuggling slave trader who brutalizes Mexican farmers and anyone else who dares get in his way. Chin ramps up the violence as he stops at nothing to free the slaves and enact revenge on the sadistic Spencer. Brilliantly directed by Mario Caiano (Nightmare Castle), Shanghai Joe is a must have for fans of fast paced, bloody, action packed Westerns and Kung Fu films of the 70s. Loaded with practical gore effects and bone breaking fight choreography, Shanghai Joe also features a rogues' gallery of genre legends such as Klaus Kinski (Jack the Ripper), Gordon Mitchell (Endgame), Robert Hundar (Sabata), Giacomo Rossi Stuart (The Crimes of the Black Cat), Carla Romanelli (Gang War in Milan), Piero Lulli (My Dear Killer), and Katsutoshi Mikuriya! Cauldron Films presents Shanghai Joe (A.K.A. "Il mio nome è Shangai Joe", "My Name is Shanghai Joe" and "The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe") on Blu-ray featuring a 2K restoration from the negative, both English and Italian audio options, and brand new extras!

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