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Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe, Carolyn Seymour, Comedy Video, Coral Browne, Criterion Collection, Dave Bell, David Korda, Declan Mulholland, Graham Crowden, Griffith Davies, Harry Andrews, Henry Woolf, Hugh Burden, Hugh Owens, Jack Hawkins, James Grout, James Hazeldine, James Villiers, Joan Cooper, John Cameron, Jules Buck, Julian D'Albie, Kay Walsh, Ken Topolsky, Kenneth Benda, Leslie Schofield, Llewellyn Rees, Margaret Lacey, Michael Bryant, Neil Kennedy, Nigel Green, Oliver Macgreevy, Patsy Byrne, Peter Barnes, Peter Medak, Peter O'Toole, Ronald Adam, William Mervyn

Peter O'Toole gives a tour de force performance as Jack, a man "cured" of believing he's God, only to become Jack the Ripper incarnate. Based on Peter Barnes' irreverent play, this darkly comic indictment of Britain's class system peers behind the closed doors of English aristocracy. Insanity, sadistic sarcasm, and black comedy... a must have!!. (1972) Running time: 154 minutes.

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