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Riffin' The Blue, Tas Cru, CD

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RIFF - that relentless melody that grabs you by the throat and just won't let go! You sing it in the shower as you start your day and then again driving in your car - spanking that steering wheel as you dance down the road. It rides shotgun with you all day long and even comes to kiss you goodnight. Then in the morning, that riff is there to wake you and wants to join you for morning coffee! That is what this album is all about - that RIFF! Riffin' The Blue is a set of songs (as always with Tas Cru - original songs) each born from, and raised up on, it's own melodic guitar hook - aka the RIFF. The album is produced by Tas who, in addition to his tried-and-true studio stalwarts, enlists solid help from a few others, most notably Mike Zito (courtesy of Gulf Coast Records) and renowned keyboardist, Bruce Katz. Zito puts his guitar stamp on two songs - the album's opener/title track and on the closer, Memphis Gone. Katz contributes his world-class talent on piano and organ to ten of the album's eleven songs.

  • Disc 1, Track: 1 - Riffin' the Blue
  • Disc 1, Track: 2 - Brown Liquor Woman
  • Disc 1, Track: 3 - Stand Up!
  • Disc 1, Track: 4 - One More Time
  • Disc 1, Track: 5 - Throw It All Away
  • Disc 1, Track: 6 - Crazy Getting in My Way
  • Disc 1, Track: 7 - Heal My Misery
  • Disc 1, Track: 8 - House of the Blues
  • Disc 1, Track: 9 - Let It Happen
  • Disc 1, Track: 10 - Miss This Man
  • Disc 1, Track: 11 - Memphis Gone

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