Ps4 Classic Racers Elite
Ps4 Classic Racers Elite

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Classic Racers Elite for PlayStation 4 Classic racers is the first of its genre, a pure time-attach racing game, that takes place in the 60's era. It's a Hill Climb racing game where the goal is simple, you are at the bottom of the Hill and like in rally, you must Climb to the top as fast as possible. The Elite version includes time attack on the tracks encompassing the full Scope of vintage driving retrieve the feeling of racing to score the best time on the leaderboards of the many tracks available. Enjoy the era of the iconic cars and drive them brutally to get the best of them. Features 4 car categories, from micro cars to F1 Simcade physic engine for a real car feeling, but with a simple approach and control 17 unique locations for a total of 50 tracks (variations from the 17 tracks include reversed segment and slaloms). many more to come. Online worldwide leaderboards for each track. Free run mode for improving your times on the leaderboards. Drive fantastic cars from the 60's