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Pogo the Complete Syndicated Comic Strips: Volume 8: Hijinks from the Horn of Plenty -- Walt Kelly, Hardcover

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Walt Kelly's newspaper comic strip Pogo was a platform for Kelly to express political satire and commentary via a wildly entertaining, motley group of swamp critters. He tackled many of the sociopolitical issues of his day: the Red Scare, civil rights, the environment, consumerism. But the strip is also a joyous, poignant, beautifully drawn, and occasionally profound work of 20th-century popular culture. It is such an all-time classic it is hard to believe that this series marks the first time that Pogo dailies and Sundays have been published in complete and in chronological order anywhere. Not only does each volume contain two full calendar years of restored black-and-white daily strips: it also includes all 104 Sundays from the same period. For the first time since their original appearance more than 50 years ago, the Sundays are in full, glorious color!
Edited by comics legend Mark Evanier and Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds, with supplements and resources by comics historians R.C. Harvey and Maggie Thompson, each volume has a surprise foreword. (Jake Tapper, Sergio Aragonés, and Neil Gaiman have contributed.) Each dust jacket spotlights gorgeous, hand-painted "collaborations" between Kelly and cartoonist Linda Medley, the acclaimed creator of Castle Waiting.

Author: Walt Kelly
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
Published: 12/13/2022
Pages: 344
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 3.87lbs
Size: 11.37h x 9.36w x 1.29d
ISBN: 9781683964711
Age Range: 9-12

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American wit and humor, Comic Strips & Cartoons, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fantagraphics Books, Form, Grades 4-6, Grades 6-8, Hardcover, Humor, Literary, Pictorial, Politics, Topic, Walt Kelly, Walt Kelly's Pogo

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