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Asian-American Heritage, Criterion Collection, Drama, Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima's only film tells the story of a naval officer's ritual suicide-eerily presaging the novelist's own death by seppuku years later. If such parallels weren't enough, the officer is played by Mishima himself. As with his fiction and plays, sex, death, and honor play an important role in this short film full of dazzling images. While all prints of PATRIOTISM were initially destroyed, the negative was saved, allowing audiences to once again glimpse Mishima's arresting vision. Director Yukio Mishima, Domoto Masaki Star Yukio Mishima Special Features: Full Frame 1.33 Audio: Dolby Digital Mono Japanese Subtitles - English, Japanese - Optional Additional Release Material: Audio Commentary - Yukio Mishima - Director Documentary - Crew and Film Production "Making of" Interview - Yukio Mishima Text/Photo Galleries: Additional Text - 1. Mishima's Original Short Story 2. Mishima's Extensive Film Production Notes Essay - Tony Rayns Critic/Historian Runtime: 27 minutes.

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