Parts Of Speech (10-Year-Anniversary Edition)

Parts Of Speech (10-Year-Anniversary Edition) - Dessa - LP

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Celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Dessa's classic Parts of Speech album with this limited-edition vinyl reissue, back in stock for the first time in years. Includes metallic silver vinyl and new gatefold packaging with additional artwork and a poster insert. Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations-her résumé as a musician includes performances at Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, co-compositions for 100-voice choir, performances with the Minnesota Orchestra, and top-200 entries on the Billboard charts. She contributed to the #1 album The Hamilton Mixtape and the RBG documentary; her track, "Congratulations," has notched over 20 million streams. As a writer, she's been published by The New York Times and National Geographic Traveler, broadcast by Minnesota Public Radio, and published a memoir-in-essays (My Own Devices, 2018) in addition to two literary collections. As a speaker, Dessa has delivered keynote speeches and presentations on art, science, and entrepreneurship; guest lectures at universities and colleges across the US; and a TED Talk about her science experiment on how to fall out of love. She's also the host of Deeply Human, a podcast created by the BBC and American Public Media. Dessa has been covered by Pitchfork, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal amongst others. The LA Times says she "sounds like no one else." NPR's All Songs Considered calls her "a national treasure." On the stage and on the page, Dessa's style is defined by ferocity, wit, tenderness, and candor.

  • Disc 1, Track: 1 - The Man I Knew
  • Disc 1, Track: 2 - Call Off Your Ghost
  • Disc 1, Track: 3 - Warsaw
  • Disc 1, Track: 4 - Skeleton Key
  • Disc 1, Track: 5 - Dear Marie
  • Disc 1, Track: 6 - I'm Going Down
  • Disc 1, Track: 7 - Fighting Fish
  • Disc 1, Track: 8 - The Lamb
  • Disc 1, Track: 9 - Beekeeper
  • Disc 1, Track: 10 - Annabelle
  • Disc 1, Track: 11 - It's Only Me
  • Disc 1, Track: 12 - Sound the Bells

Product Attributes: Dessa, Doomtree, Rap/Hip Hop