Palm Beach Story/Dvd
Criterion Collection

Palm Beach Story/Dvd - Criterion Collection - DVD

This wild tale of wacky wedlock from Preston Sturges (THE LADY EVE) takes off like a rocket and never let's up. Joel McCrea (SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS) and Claudette Colbert (IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT) play Tom and Gerry, a married New York couple on the skids, financially and romantically. With Tom hot on her trail, Gerry takes off for Florida on a mission to solve the pair's money troubles, which she accomplishes in a highly unorthodox manner. A mix of the witty and the utterly absurd, The Palm Beach Story is a high watermark of Sturges's brand of physical comedy and verbal repartee, featuring sparkling performances from it's leads as well as hilarious supporting turns from Rudy Vallee and Mary Astor as a brother and a sister ensnared in Tom and Gerry's high jinks.

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