Teri Gender Bender

Outsiders - Teri Gender Bender - LP

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2023 EP. It is simply impossible to label Teri Gender Bender within a specific genre. This doesn't come as a surprise looking at her musical accomplishments so far: Primarily known for her exceptional performances as frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist of Mexican garage punk band Le Butcherettes, she has also contributed vocals on numerous records for Omar Rodríguez-López, as well as collaborating with musical luminaries such as Melvins and Iggy Pop. As a solo artist, Teri has outgrown any kind of categorization, presenting herself gender-fluid, cheeky and colorful. She has moved far beyond common genre boundaries, inviting us to embrace and celebrate oneself's weirdness and quirkiness.

Product Attributes: Clouds Hill, Rock, Teri Gender Bender