Nightbeast, Nightbeast, Blu-Ray

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Anne Frith, Arlon Ober, Christopher Gummer, Don Dohler, Don Leifert, Eleanor Herman, George Stover, Greg Dohler, Horror, Jaimie Zemarel, Jamie Zemarel, Jeffrey Abrams, Karin Kardian, Leonard Rogowski, Nightbeast, Richard Dyszel, Richard Nelson, Richard Ruxton, Robert J. Walsh, Tom Griffith

It rises from the very depths... it's strength is inhuman... it has hungered for an eternity... it's standing right behind you... and you won't have time to scream! An alien spacecraft crash-lands on Earth, and the creature inside sets out to destroy the little town of Perry Hill, with only the sheriff and a few allies to stop him. Low-budget sci-fi chiller from Baltimore horror maestro Don Dohler stars Tom Griffith, Dick Dyszel, Greg Dohler, Anne Frith. 80 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: English (SDH); audio commentary; featurettes; outtakes; blooper reel; theatrical trailer. Two-disc set.

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