Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933)

Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933), Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933), Blu-Ray

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$5 - $10, Edwin Maxwell, Fay Wray, Frank McHugh, Gavin Gordon, Glenda Farrell, Holmes Herbert, Horror, Horror & Suspense, Lionel Atwill, Matthew Betz, Michael Curtiz, Movies, Movies & TV › Movies, Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933), Over $10, Under $5, Warner Archives

Bodies are mysteriously disappearing all over town, and a new wax museum has just opened. Is there a connection? But of course! In this horror classic, Fay Wray (King Kong) stars as the intended next victim of a mad wax sculptor obsessed with her resemblance to one of his prior creations. Glenda Farrell plays a quintessential wisecracking newspaper reporter, and noted actor Lionel Atwill is the deranged artist who loses his studio to a fire set by his partner. Filmed in the early Two-Color Technicolor process, The Mystery of the Wax Museum was considered a lost film for decades, until a well-worn print was discovered nearly 50 years ago. Thanks to the meticulous new restoration presented on this disc, the film can now be experienced as intended.

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