Modern Poker Theory: Building an Unbeatable Strategy Based on GTO Principles by Acevedo, Michael
Michael Acevedo

Modern Poker Theory: Building an Unbeatable Strategy Based on GTO Principles -- Michael Acevedo

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Modern Poker Theory is a comprehensive, rigorous guide to the most important aspects of No-Limit Hold'em. It is based around an in-depth examination of what is meant by game theory optimal play (GTO) and how it can be applied at the table. Understanding GTO is fundamental to being able to make accurate poker decisions and being able to exploit players who don't. Modern Poker Theory uses modern poker tools to develop a systematic approach to the analysis of GTO. It organizes the ideas and concepts in an intuitive manner that is totally focused to practical applications. Next time you are at a table some of the players will have studied Modern Poker Theory and some won't. The players who have studied Modern Poker Theory will, without doubt, have a better theoretical and practical understanding of No-Limit Hold'em. They will be the favourites in the game. Make sure you are one of them. Michael Acevedo, one of the world's leading poker theorists, is a game theory expert who is renowned for creating cutting-edge content for the world's leading players. The production of Modern Poker Theory is the culmination of many thousands of hours of his research work with the most advanced poker software tools available. It is poker theory for the 21st century.

Author: Michael Acevedo
Publisher: D&B Publishing
Published: 08/06/2019
Pages: 480
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.00lbs
Size: 9.40h x 6.70w x 1.10d
ISBN: 9781909457898

About the Author
Michael Acevedo has a background as a mathematician and is a professional online tournament player and coach. He has consistently beaten the toughest online games at all levels, made poker videos for numerous training websites and coached hundreds of players from all around the world. He has assisted with the development of Pio Solver, one of the most advanced GTO solvers in the world. This experience has helped him become a world authority on the theoretical aspects of poker.