Mama's Family: Seasons 1-6

Mama's Family: Seasons 1-6, Mama's Family: Seasons 1-6, DVD

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For the first time in one collection are the greatest episodes from all 6 seasons of MAMA'S FAMILY! This set contains 15 hours of viewing pleasure. Each episode was hand-picked by Vicki Lawrence herself. MAMA'S FAMILY began as a recurring comedy sketch on the wildly successful Carol Burnett Show. "The Family" remained a favorite because fans related to the Harpers' constant squabbling about mundane stuff. As the irascible Mama Harper, Vicki Lawrence was wondrously transformed into a full-tilt senior citizen and it wasn't a matter of if, but when, she would get her own TV series. Starting in 1983, the spin-off ran for six seasons. Now relive Mama's wacky life and laugh at one of America's favorite dysfunctional families!

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