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Smuggling landed Carnahan in Alcatraz. Smuggling will be his ticket out. It's World War II, and Uncle Sam needs a man of Carnahan's bold talent to sneak vitally needed rubber out of Japanese-held Malaya. The rare pairing of James Stewart and Spencer Tracy sparks this tale of an intrigue-filled, true-life wartime operation. Tracy portrays tough, edgy Carnahan. Stewart is sly foreign correspondent and Far East expert John Royer, a man with a plan who tells U.S. officials: With the right kind of money and the wrong kind of man, I can get that rubber out for you. And with it's right kind of stars, this brawny classic gets maximum heroics every moment. Adventure and starpower ' Sydney Greenstreet in his final film, Lionel Barrymore and Gilbert Roland ' are on the map in Malaya.

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