MacGregor Ever After by Roberts, Nora
Nora Roberts

MacGregor Ever After -- Nora Roberts - Paperback

Discover the lasting power of love in these two reader-favorite MacGregor stories!

The Winning Hand

Dazzled by the Las Vegas lights and desperate to take a chance, Darcy Wallace spends her last three dollars at a hotel casino and wins the jackpot. When casino manager Robert MacGregor Blade sees how nervous Darcy is, he steps in as a friend. But there's something alluring about the young stranger, and it's messing with Mac's good intentions. Winning Darcy over will be a gamble, but it could be the most rewarding one of Mac's life.

The Perfect Neighbor

Brooding writer Preston McQuinn's new apartment, like his life, is just the way he prefers it--private and empty. But when sunny Cybil Campbell comes barging into his well-ordered gloom, he can't deny a grudging fascination with his bright, bubbly neighbor. Long ago, Preston had closed the door on love for good, so why is he suddenly anxious to open up his heart?

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Silhouette Books
Published: 01/24/2023
Pages: 448
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.47lbs
Size: 6.75h x 4.36w x 1.07d
ISBN: 9781335426000