I Miss You Hugs And Kisses

I Miss You Hugs And Kisses, I Miss You Hugs And Kisses, Blu-Ray

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Hungarian émigré developer Charles Kruschen (Donald Pilon) appeared the bereaved husband when he found his ex-model wife Magdalene (Elke Sommer) fatally bludgeoned in the garage of their Ontario home. The stunning trial that followed, however, revealed their bond was marked by mutual infidelity... and separate conspiracies to murder. Exploitationer inspired by the Peter and Christine Demeter case co-stars Chuck Shamata, George Touliatos, Cindy Girling. AKA: "Left for Dead," "Drop Dead, Dearest." 88 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; bonus film "Recommendation for Mercy" (1975); featurettes; theatrical trailer.

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