Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Blu-Ray

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Al Herman, Alan Marshal, Alexander Granach, Archie Butler, Arthur Dulac, Arthur Hohl, Arthur Millett, Barlowe Borland, Billy Jones, Bud Fine, Cecil Weston, Charles Drake, Charles Hall, Charles Laughton, Curt Bois, Dewey Robinson, Dick Dickinson, Drama, Eddie Dew, Edmond O'Brien, Elsie Prescott, Etienne Girardot, Ferdinand Munier, Frank Mills, Fritz Leiber, Gail Patrick, George Barrows, George de Normand, George Tobias, George Zucco, Gretl Sherk, Harry Davenport, Harry Vejar, Hector Sarno, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Jack Perrin, John Fowler, John Lawrence, Katharine Alexander, Kathryn Adams, Laura Hope Crews, Lillian Nicholson, Lionel Belmore, Louis Adlon, Louis Jean Heydt, Margaret McWade, Margaret Seddon, Maureen O'Hara, Minna Gombell, Nestor Paiva, Otto Hoffman, Paul Newlan, Peter Godfrey, Raymond Hatton, Richard Clayton, Rod La Rocque, Rube Schaffer, Russ Powell, Siegfried Arno, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Spencer Charters, Ted Lorch, Tempe Pigott, Thomas Mitchell, Vangie Beilby, Victor Kilian, Walter Hampden, Walter O. Stahl, William Dieterle

Charles Laughton endured a daily five-and-a-half- hour makeup session to become Quasimodo, the mocked and vilified bellringer of Notre Dame. The result was one of his best performances: outsized yet nuanced, heartrending yet inspiring. Maureen OHara is the gypsy Esmeralda, whose simple act of pity frees the emotions within him. When she is wrongly condemned,he rescues her from hanging, sweeping all of Paris into a fight for justice.

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