Megan Rossi

How to Eat More Plants: Transform Your Health with 30 Plant-Based Foods Per Week (and Why It's Easier Than You Think) -- Megan Rossi, Paperback

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The secret to more energy, better gut health, and a happier you is simple: Eat more plants.

Happy gut microbes are the key to our health goals--they support our brain, skin, immunity, hormones, metabolism, and more. In How to Eat More Plants, Dr. Megan Rossi explains how to give your gut what it really craves--variety!
  • Eat 30 different plants per week, to fuel up on fiber and nutrients
    • Each fruit, vegetable, legume, grain, nut, and seed counts as 1 Plant Point--and getting to 30 is easier than you think.
  • Start your journey with the 28-day Plant Points Challenge
    • Dr. Rossi's 4-week plan makes it fun to get more plants on the menu!
  • Rock up Plant Points with over 80 delicious recipes
    • Fiber-filled breakfasts: Eat-the-Rainbow Pancakes
    • Lighter bites: Leafy Taco Wraps, Butternut Muffins
    • Easy to-go lunches: Roasted Veggie and Freekeh Salad
    • Protein-packed dinners: Stir-fry, five ways; Hearty Lasagna
    • Decadent desserts: Prebiotic Rocky Road, Loaded Melon Wedges
How to Eat More Plants is all about inclusion, not exclusion--whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or just want to eat more veggies. Don't diet--diversify. Your gut will thank you.

Author: Megan Rossi
Publisher: Experiment
Published: 08/16/2022
Pages: 320
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.81lbs
Size: 9.70h x 7.50w x 1.00d
ISBN: 9781615198788

Review Citation(s):
Publishers Weekly 05/16/2022
Library Journal 06/01/2022 pg. 166

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Cooking, Diet & Nutrition, Diet / Health / Fitness, Experiment, Health & Fitness, Medical, Megan Rossi, Natural Foods, Nutrition, Paperback, Specific Ingredients, Veganism - Health aspects

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