High Voltage Blues

High Voltage Blues - Gomes,Anthony - CD

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Acclaimed Blues Rock guitarist Anthony Gomes will release his 13th studio album entitled, "High Voltage Blues" on Friday September 23, 2022 via Rat Pak Records. Coming off the heels of his highly successful 2020 #1 Billboard charting release, "Containment Blues", High Voltage Blues is a compilation album that showcases three new studio tracks, along with eleven re-recorded fan favorites and features guest appearances by legendary bassist Billy Sheehan, KoRn drummer Ray Luzier, renown vocalist Bekka Bramlett and The Voice™ contestant Wendy Moten. "We had a lot of fun rocking these songs up" says Anthony. "As an artist, it was great to circle back to some of my past work and look at it from a different perspective. Billy and Ray really pushed the way I play guitar and they added a whole new element, with a little insanity", he laughs. When people ask me what I sound like I tell them, "If B.B. King was in AC/DC, that's what I feel we try and capture. That's High Voltage Blues in a nutshell." From the charging rhythms of album opener "Painted Horse" to the heart wrenching classic "Darkest Before The Dawn", it is clear that Anthony's trademark blues guitar playing lays the bedrock for his latest solo offering. Produced by Peter Carson and mixed by Chris Collier, High Voltage Blues delivers all the power and punch that one would expect from this high-level blues artist.

  • Disc 1, Track: 1 - Painted Horse (Featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
  • Disc 1, Track: 2 - Fur Covered Handcuffs
  • Disc 1, Track: 3 - Blues-A-Fied
  • Disc 1, Track: 4 - Born to Ride (Featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
  • Disc 1, Track: 5 - Peace, Love and Loud Guitars (Featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
  • Disc 1, Track: 6 - I Believe
  • Disc 1, Track: 7 - Red Handed Blues
  • Disc 1, Track: 8 - Turn It Up!
  • Disc 1, Track: 9 - Blues in the First Degree
  • Disc 1, Track: 10 - Hell and Half of Georgia
  • Disc 1, Track: 11 - Darkest Before the Dawn (Featuring Bekka Bramlett & Wendy Moten)
  • Disc 1, Track: 12 - Blues Child
  • Disc 1, Track: 13 - White Trash Princess
  • Disc 1, Track: 14 - Rebel Highway (Featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
  • Disc 1, Track: 15 - Darkest Before the Dawn (Extended Version) (Featuring Bekka Bramlett & Wendy Moten)