Hakumei & Mikochi
Hakumei & Mikochi

Hakumei & Mikochi - Hakumei & Mikochi - Blu-Ray

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Hakumei & Mikochi - Hakumei and Mikochi contains episodes 1-12 plus the OVA of the anime directed by Masaomi Ando. Hakumei and Mikochi are two small girls who live together in a tiny house in the great big forest. In fact, their house is so tiny that it all fits inside just one tree! But that's fine because Hakumei and Mikochi are only 3.5 inches tall, so their tree is as big to them as a skyscraper is to normal people! They're not the only tiny people living in their community either, and when Hakumei and Mikochi aren't out exploring, they like to spend their time visiting their neighbors, some of whom are other small folk like the inventor Sen and Konju the songstress, while others are beetles, squirrels and even a big scary owl who is definitely not friendly! For a whole new perspective on life, come look at the world from a different angle. Studio: Section 23 Run Time: 325 minutes

Product Attributes: Anime-Japanese, Hakumei & Mikochi