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This spectacular Technicolor epic, directed by Zoltan Korda (JUNGLE BOOK), is considered the finest of the many adaptations of A.E.W. Masons classic 1902 adventure novel about the British Empires exploits in Africa, and a crowning achievement of Alexander Kordas legendary production company, London Films. Set at the end of the nineteenth century, THE FOUR FEATHERS follows the travails of a young officer (REMBRANDTs John Clements) accused of cowardice after he resigns his post on the eve of a major deployment to Khartoum; he must fight to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow officers (including THE FALLEN IDOLS Ralph Richardson) and Fiancé (THE THIEF OF BAGDADS June Duprez). Featuring music by Miklss Rszsa (THE KILLERS) and Oscar-nominated cinematography by Georges Pirinal (THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP), THE FOUR FEATHERS is a thrilling, thunderous epic.

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