Fifty Movies Made: Lessons Learned on a Filmmaker's Journey by Cohn, Jared
Cohn, Jared

Fifty Movies Made: Lessons Learned on a Filmmaker's Journey - Cohn, Jared - Paperback

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Director Jared Cohn has been through the Hollywood trenches and achieved his lifelong dream on the other side. With fifty films to his name and credits alongside greats like Bruce Willis and William Shatner, Jared has seen the good and bad of Hollywood, and he lays it all bare as he recounts his journey as a director. Fifty Movies Made is packed with stories of Jared's behind-the-scenes adventures, his missteps, and the grit and determination it takes to make it in Hollywood.

For newcomers to the insanely competitive film industry, Jared shares hard-learned lessons that can help aspiring filmmakers find success. All facets of the moviemaking process-from screenwriting and preproduction to production, post-production and distribution-are discussed in this easy-to-read and digestible book.

Includes advice and tips for:

Movie directors



A must-read for anyone in the independent movie business, Fifty Movies Made is an informative, anecdote-driven read packed with behind-the-scenes photos and Hollywood insider knowledge.

Author: Jared Cohn
Publisher: Traplight, LLC
Published: 05/15/2023
Pages: 296
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.88lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.62d
ISBN: 9798218184513