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Action / Adventure, Alexandre Mnouchkine, Christian-Jaque, Criterion Collection, Francis Cosne, Geneviève Page, Georges Dancigers, Georges van Parys, Georgette Anys, Gerard Buhr, Gerard Philipe, Gil Delamare, Gina Lollobrigida, Henri Jeanson, Henri Rollan, Hiram Sherman, Jean Debucourt, Jean Parédès, Jean-Marc Tennberg, Marcel Herrand, Maurice Thiriet, Nerio Bernardi, Noël Roquevert, Oliver Hussenot, Rene Fallet, René Wheeler, Sylvie Pelayo

Legendary French star Gerard Philipe swash buckled his way into film history as the peasant soldier Fanfan in Christian-Jaque's devil-may-care romantic action-comedy. In eighteenth-century France, Fanfan joins King Louis XV's army to avoid a forced marriage to a local lass. And thus begins an adventure that sees Fanfan getting himself out of close scrapes and into tight squeezes with Gina Lollobrigida's impostor fortune teller, Adeline, on his way to fighting in the Seven Years' War. Filled to the brim with dazzling stunts and randy innuendo, Fanfan la Tulipe, which won the best director prize at Cannes and was a smash hit upon it's initial release, remains one of France's all-time most beloved films.

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