Everyone Wants a Bite of the Gingerbread Man: A Wild Christmas Story by Pinto, Anthony
Anthony Pinto

Everyone Wants a Bite of the Gingerbread Man: A Wild Christmas Story Anthony Pinto and Khayala Aliyeva - Paperback

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This isn't just an any ordinary Christmas tale... You're in for a wild treat!

We've got a Gingerbread on the loose at the zoo! Join in on this exciting animal adventure and watch the Gingerbread Man plan his sneaky escape. There's no stopping him as he flips the entire zoo upside down, determined to escape his true destiny of being eaten.

Discover all the different animals in zoo and see how they escape with the Gingerbread Man

On his mission to break free from the grasp of Bobby the Zookeeper, he meets all sorts of animals along the way, from rhinos, elephants, and snakes to cheetahs and giraffes! The Gingerbread Man has a change of heart and is determined to free the animals of the zoo, but with Bobby in the way, his chances are slim. Will he be able to escape with the zoo animals or will he end up as another Christmas treat?

The perfect holiday gift for all kids who love a great animal adventure

You can't celebrate Christmas without a Gingerbread Man! Beautiful illustrations paired with simple rhymes brings the excitement to all the kids who love the Gingerbread Man and all the animals at the zoo. There's nothing more important than creating cherished holiday memories that are sure to last a lifetime...

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Author: Anthony Pinto
Publisher: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Inc
Published: 11/02/2022
Pages: 36
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.21lbs
Size: 8.00h x 8.00w x 0.10d
ISBN: 9781957922508