Eurocrypt Of Christopher Lee Collection 2

Eurocrypt Of Christopher Lee Collection 2, Eurocrypt Of Christopher Lee Collection 2, Blu-Ray

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Eurocrypt Collection 2 presents five of the most unexpected, underrated and underseen films of the iconic actor's European career. Immediately following HORROR OF DRACULA, Lee reprised the role in the quirky 1959 Italian comedy UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE. Lee speaks fluent German opposite Klaus Kinski for the crazed 1962 krimi THE SECRET OF THE RED ORCHID. In the 1974 UK psycho-thriller DARK PLACES, Lee toplines a cast that includes Joan Collins, Herbert Lom and Jane Birkin. Lee's final performance as The Count in the 1976 French comedy DRACULA AND SON can at last be seen in it's superior Director's Cut, while the ultra-rare 1989 Dutch drama MURDER STORY brings Lee into the sex shops of Amsterdam. Each film has been remastered from original negative materials with over 15 total hours of trailers, commentaries, alternate cuts, vintage interviews and new featurettes, plus the DRACULA AND SON soundtrack and an all-new 100-page book by Lee biographer Jonathan Rigby.

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