Elvis - Baustelle - LP

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"ELVIS", the eagerly awaited new album by BAUSTELLE, comes out this April, anticipated by the release of the single "CONTRO IL MONDO", out everywhere since January. "ELVIS" is the ninth studio album by Baustelle and comes five years after "Love And Violence, Vol.2". The cover reconfirms the new direction of the BAUSTELLE aesthetic, made of refinement and contemporaneity, without ever abandoning that look at the band's constitutive past. From the debut album "Sussidiario Illustrata Della Giovinezza", to the latest album, "L'amore E La Violence, Vol.2", passing through the great classics such as "Charlie Fa Surf", BAUSTELLE have distinguished themselves in the Italian music scene for having narrated the contemporary with a revolutionary, direct, profound language and with a deliberately vintage sound, starting a real trend. Looking to the past as a resource but without nostalgia, BAUSTELLE have been able to create cohesion between vintage sounds and modern instruments and have created a poetic and at the same time tangible imagery, which over time has often been assimilated to that of Maestro Franco Battiato.