Double Life
Double Life

Double Life - Double Life - Blu-Ray

George Cukor's perfectly mannered direction confidently guides this brooding and cynical film noir that is considered by many the highlight of actor Ronald Colman's great career. A Double Life explores the dangers of blurring the line between reality and illusion in this examination of the schizoid personality of a talented stage actor who begins to confuse his roles with his life. Colman gives a magnificent and mesmerizing performance as veteran thespian Anthony John, who begins to mentally derail during a run of Othello. John's courtly manners and reputation have a winning charm that endear him to both audiences and women, including his ex-wife, Brita (Signe Hasso), who acts opposite him in the play, and Pat (Shelley Winters), a sexy waitress he befriends. Colman's performance earned him a Best Actor Academy Award and Golden Globe. Miklos Rozsa also won an Oscar for his vivacious score and the film's director and screenwriters, Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin all received Oscar nominations. Edmond O'Brien co-stars as the company's producer who's secretly in love with Brita.

Product Attributes: Academy Award Winner, Alan Edmiston, Albert Pollet, Alexander Clark, Angela Clarke, Art Smith, Arthur E. Gould-Porter, Arthur Gould-Porter, Augusta Roeland, Barry Macollum, Beatrice Gray, Betsy Blair, Boyd Irwin, Bruce Riley, Buddy Roosevelt, Carl Milletaire, Carlo Liconti, Cedric Stevens, Charles Jordan, Charles La Torre, Claire Carleton, Clare Alden, Countess Elektra Rozanska, Curt Conway, David Bond, Diane Lee Stewart, Diane Stewart, Don McGill, Doretta Johnson, Double Life, Edmond O'Brien, Edward Wragge, Elektra Rozanska, Elizabeth Dunne, Elliott Reid, Elmo Lincoln, Ethel May Halls, Ethyl May Halls, Fay Kanin, Fernanda Eliscu, Frank Richards, Fred Hoose, Frederic Worlock, Garson Kanin, George Cukor, George Douglas, George Manning, George Sherwood, Georgia Caine, Guy Bates Post, Hal Melone, Harlan Briggs, Harry Bannister, Harry Hays Morgan, Harry Hays Morgan Jr., Harry Oldridge, Hazel Keener, Howard Mitchell, James F. Cade, James Linn, Jamesson Shade, Janet Mason, Janet Warren, Jeff Geoffray, Jerry Salvail, Joann Dolan, Joe Bernard, Joe Sawyer, Joey Ray, John Derek, John Drew Colt, John Morgan, John Valentine, Joyce Mathews, Katharine Marlowe, Katherine Marlowe, Kay Lavelle, Laura Brooks, Laura Kasley Brooks, Leander de Cordova, Leslie Denison, Marjory Woodworth, Mary Worth, Mary Young, Maude Fealy, Michael Kanin, Michael Stark, Michael Stokey, Mike Stokey, Miklos Rozsa, Millard Mitchell, Mystery / Suspense, Nick Dennis, Nina Gilbert, Paddy Chayefsky, Percival Vivian, Pete Sosso, Peter Thompson, Phil MacKenzie, Philip Loeb, Ray Collins, Reginald Billado, Robert E. Keane, Robert Emmett Keane, Ronald Colman, Russ Conway, Ruth Gordon, Sarah Selby, Shelley Winters, Sid Tomack, Signe Hasso, Thayer Roberts, Thomas Everett Powers, Virginia Patton, Walter McGrail, Watson Downs, Wayne Treadway, Whit Bissell, William Norton Bailey, William Shakespeare, Wilton Graff, Yvette Reynard

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