Dexter: Complete Series & Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: Complete Series & Dexter: New Blood, Dexter: Complete Series & Dexter: New Blood, DVD

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Thirty-six-disc set includes: Dexter: The Complete Series (2006-2013)Based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, this offbeat 2006-2013 Showtime series stars Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, a serial killer with a sense of justice. Working as a forensics expert for the Miami police by day, Dexter spends his nights slaughtering the murderers who've managed to escape the long arm of the law. With Jennifer Carpenter, Lauren Velez, Julie Benz, and James Remar. 96 episodes on 32 discs. 84 3/4 hrs. C Dexter: New Blood (2021)A decade after he faked his own death in Miami, forensic scientist/serial murderer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) was living a quiet life in upstate New York under the guise of shopkeeper "Jim Lindsay." Triggering events, however, mean that his long battle to tamp down his violent impulses will be lost. Showtime miniseries revival reunites Hall, Debra Carpenter, and original showrunner Clyde Phillips; Julia Jones, Clancy Brown, Jack Alcott, Johnny Sequoyah also star. 10 episodes on 4 discs. 10 hrs. C

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