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Adrienne d' Ambricourt, Adrienne D'Ambricourt, Armand Kaliz, Ben Hecht, Charles French, Comedy Video, Criterion Collection, Edward Everett Horton, Emile Chautard, Ernst Lubitsch, Franklin Pangborn, Fredric March, Gary Cooper, George Savidan, Grace Hayle, Harry Dunkinson, Helena Phillips, Helena Phillips Evans, Isabel Jewell, James Donlan, Jane Darwell, Lionel Belmore, Mary Gordon, Mathilde Comont, Miriam Hopkins, Mrs. Treboal, Nathaniel W. Finston, Nora Cecil, Noël Coward, Olaf Hytten, Rolfe Sedan, Thomas Braidon, Vernon Steele, Wyndham Standing

Gary Cooper (HIGH NOON), Fredric March (THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES), and Miriam Hopkins (TROUBLE IN PARADISE) play a trio of Americans in Paris who enter into a very adult gentleman's agreement, in this continental pre-Code comedy freely adapted by Ben Hecht (NOTORIOUS) from a play by Nokl Coward (BRIEF ENCOUNTER), and directed by Ernst Lubitsch (TROUBLE IN PARADISE). a risqué relationship comedy and a witty take on creative pursuits, it concerns a commercial artist (Hopkins) unable- or unwilling- to choose between the equally dashing painter (Cooper) and playwright (March) she meets on a train en route to the City of Light. DESIGN FOR LIVING is Lubitsch at his most adroit, an entertainment at once debonair and racy, featuring three stars at the height of their all.

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