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Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ for Nintendo Switch Taking place after the events of the first game, follow the main protagonist Cardia as she continues to build friendships and deeper relationships. Her companions have helped her through her previous Trials and tribulations, and she will rely on them more heavily as she faces the lingering demons of her past. Delve deeper into the world of code: Realize and its intriguing characters as you Romp about an alternate steampunk version of 19th century London. Features Triangulate - experience the magic and chaos of a two-on-one date. Play with dynamics (and hearts) by bringing multiple members of lupin's gang on a wide variety of romantic romps. Sit back and watch the fireworks! Every end has a Beginning - learn more about the dashing detective her Lock Sholmes and the mysterious Finis in the continuing sagas involving the newest men in the code: Realize universe. The (new) belle of the ball - cantarella, the mysterious young lady Cardia met during One of her many adventures, gets her turn in the Spotlight. Join cantarella as she gets caught up in the chaos that always seems to Surround Lupin and his gang.

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