Clifton Webb: 3 Disc Set

Clifton Webb: 3 Disc Set, Clifton Webb: 3 Disc Set, DVD

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Clifton Webb 3-pack featuring his beloved trio of Mr, Belvedere films. Sitting Pretty (1948): Clifton Webb first brought author Gwen Davenport's character of haughty know-it-all Lynn Belvedere-"Mr. Belvedere" to you-to the screen with this popular comedy. For cover and first-hand perspective while he researches a book on suburbia, the insouciant intellectual signs on as the new babysitter/nursemaid for Harry (Robert Young) and Tacey King's (Maureen O'Hara) three rambunctious sons. Richard Haydn, Ed Begley, Louise Allbritton co-star. 84 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Region Free; Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949): Clifton Webb reprised his "Sitting Pretty" role in this fun follow-up, as the supercilious and self-taught scholar Lynn Belvedere finds out that he can't claim a large cash testimonial unless he has a college degree. Determined to earn his diploma in one year, the pompous pedant quickly discovers that nothing he ever read prepared him for dealing with hazing classmates and angry administrators! Shirley Temple, Tom Drake, Alan Young, Jessie Royce Landis also star. 83 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Region Free; Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951): The 1948 stage play "The Silver Whistle" was retooled to become the final comedy in which Clifton Webb starred as Lynn Belvedere, the dapper British polymath. Here, Belvedere masquerades as an elderly man in order to infiltrate a seniors' home and investigate the pitfalls of growing old. In the process, he becomes an inspiration to the aged residents while playing Cupid for a lovestruck minister. With Joanne Dru, Zero Mostel. 88 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono. Region Free.

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