Christian Poetry in America Since 1940: An Anthology by Mattix, Micah
Micah Mattix

Christian Poetry in America Since 1940: An Anthology -- Micah Mattix - Paperback

"One of the best, and least expected, anthologies in decades." --Joseph Bottum, Poetry editor, New York Sun

Showcasing thirty-five American poets born in or after 1940, this anthology confirms that one of the most vibrant developments in contemporary verse has been a renewed engagement with the Christian faith. Across a full spectrum of Christian belief, including the struggle to believe at all, these poets bring the power of their art to bear on serious questions: how to understand the goodness of God in a fallen and tragic world, how to reconcile universal truths with the particularities of human experience, how to render familiar events of salvation history in new language that generates its own epiphanies. As Christian engagement assumes a multiplicity of modes and voices, so does contemporary poetry in America. This volume, then, selective yet representative, features the work of early-, mid-, and late-career poets, formalists, free-verse poets, and experimenters in prosody. This anthology bears witness to the poetic mind as it seeks that which is above.

Author: Micah Mattix
Publisher: Iron Pen
Published: 09/06/2022
Pages: 208
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.57lbs
ISBN: 9781640607231
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