Blow (2001)

Blow (2001), Blow (2001), Blu-Ray

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Action / Adventure, Ajgie Kirkland, Alan James Morgan, Alex Klabukov, Allan Byer, Amanda Scheer-Demme, Ashley Edner, Avy Kaufman, Bernardo Trujillo, Bert Rosario, Beth Bowling, Bill Taliaferro, Bill Willens, Blow (2001), Bob Goldthwait, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brad Hunt, Brantley Bush, Brian Basham, Brian Goodman, Bruce Porter, Bruno Vilela, Carole Cowley, Cary Stratton, Charles Noland, Cheree Welsh, Cheryl Gould, Christa Vausbinder, Cliff Curtis, Dan Ferro, Daniel Escobar, Danya Joseph, David Fulton, David McKenna, DC Ford, Dean Drabin, Denis Leary, Dorothy Lyman, Douglas A. Mowat, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ellen Kuras, Emma Roberts, Erin Gould, Ethan Suplee, Franka Potente, Georgia Kacandes, Graeme Revell, Henry Tirl, Hillary Sherman, Jack Polick, Jaime King, James King, Jamie Kelman, Jeffrey Jenofsky, Jennifer Gimenez, Jesse James, Jessica Drake, Jodie Mann, Joel Stillerman, John Follmer, John Harrington Bland, Johnny Depp, Jordi Moll, Jordi Molla, Julia Vera, Kalin Olson, Keenan Wyatt, Kevin Chapman, Kevin Gage, Kevin Tent, Kristen Gassner, Lee Tucker, Leon Dudevoir, Lisa Tomczeszyn, Lola Glaudini, Lydell M. Cheshier, Maria L. Baker, Mark Bridges, Mark Choi, Mark P. Stoeckinger, Mark Scovil, Matt Robinson, Maureen Farley, Max Perlich, Melo Hinojosa, Merdyce McClaran, Michael J. Broomberg, Michael Keller, Michael Lyon, Michael Tolochko, Michael Tucci, Michael Z. Hanan, Miguel Angel Fuentes, Miguel Perez, Miguel Sandoval, Miguel Sandovar, Monet Mazur, Nicholas Mastandrea, Nick Cassavetes, Noah Emmerich, Pamela Alch, Patrick Husted, Paul Reubens, Penelope Cruz, Rachel Griffiths, Randy Mulkey, Raoul N. Rizik, Ray Liotta, Rene Villarreal, Ricardo Azulay, Richard LaGravenese, Samuel G. Engel, Sarah Hendler, Simone Perusse, Skip O'Brien, Steve A. Hagberg, Susan McNamara, Ted Demme, Tish Johnson, Tom Dailey, Tony Amendola, Tony Perez

There's no money in a "real job." So George Jung deals pot. Lots of it. The blue-collar kid dubbed Boston George spirals up from there, into the riches and excesses of the huge cocaine cartels. And crashes hard. Johnny Depp portrays George, the ambitious outlaw who, perhaps more than any American, transformed powder cocaine from relative obscurity in the U.S. into a 1970s/80s feeding frenzy. Penelope Cruz costars in this riveting, fact-inspired tale of glitz and glamour, fast times and hard time, betrayal and Blow.

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