Arachnophobia - Arachnophobia - Blu-Ray

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Everyone is afraid of something... for Dr. Ross Jennings (Jeff Daniels), his phobia is downright embarrassing. But when he moves his family to a small town, the one thing that bugs him most is now harming the townspeople at an alarming rate. For this unlikely hero, overcoming a childhood fear of spiders might just save the community, but it may already be too late! Directed by Frank Marshall (Executive Producer, BACK TO THE FUTURE, Producer, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) and also starring John Goodman, this critically acclaimed breathtaking hit entertains with it's terrific mix of thrills, chills, and laughter!

Product Attributes: Action & Adventure, Al Williams, Alison Savitch, Andy Ryan, Arachnophobia, Barbara Harris, BEST SELLER, Billy Steinberg, Bob Stoker, Bobby Huber, Brandy, Brian McNamara, Bruce Cohen, Carl J. Stensel, Carolyn Elias, Chance Boyer, Chris Walas, Christopher Burian-Mohr, Chuck Waters, Cori Wellins, Craig Barron, Dan Marrow, David J. Hudson, David Luckenbach, David Sosalla, Dione Taylor, Disney ASINs, Don Jakoby, Dow Griffith, Dwight Campbell, Edward T. McAvoy, Elaine Maser, Eric J. Goldstein, Ernest Depew, Fiona Walsh, Frances Bay, Frank Marshall, Garette Ratliff Henson, Gary Burritt, Harley Jane Kozak, Henry Jones, Hilda Hodges, HOLLYWOOD PICTURES, Horror-Monsters, Ian Fox, Jackie Carr, James D. Bissell, James Handy, Jane Marla Robbins, Jay Scorpio, Jeff Daniels, Jennifer L. Parsons, Jim Kundig, Jimmy Buffett, Jimmy Leavens, John Connell, John Goodman, John Richards, Johnny Mercer, Judy Taylor, Julian Sands, Julie Pitkanen, Jurgen Heimann, Kathleen Kennedy, Kathy Kinney, Lawrence Ashmore, Lois de Banzie, Lois DeBanzie, Louis S. Fleming, Mai-Lis Kuniholm, Mark L. Taylor, Marlene Katz, Marsha Robertson, Martin A. Kline, Mary Carver, Mary Erstad, Matt Sweeney, Mel Metcalfe, Michael Kahn, Michael Kelem, Michael Pangrazio, Michael Steve Jones, Mikael Salomon, Mike Fenton, Movies, Movies & TV › Movies, Mystery & Thrillers, Nathaniel Spitzley, Pat Metheny, Paul Hargrave, Peter Jason, R.J. Kizer, Randy Burke, Richard Friedman, Richard Vane, Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc, Robert Frank Telfer, Robert Jackson, Robert W. Cort, Ron Judkins, Roy Brocksmith, Shirley Walker, Stephen R. Sheridan, Steven R. Kutcher, Stuart Pankin, Ted Field, Terese del Piero, Terry Porter, Theo Schwartz, Thomas A. Carlson, Tom C. McCarthy, Tom Kelly, Tom Southwell, Trevor Jones, Valorie Massalas, Warren Rice, Wesley Strick, William S. Beasley