Guyon, Tory

Angel of Water & Shadow -- Tory Guyon, Paperback

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Her fate was whispered in the tides...

One second, the sounds around River are white noise, the next it's like the world is speaking to her directly. It started when she was eight-right after her mom was swept away by a rip current, never to be seen or heard from again. She assumes that the Voices, as she calls them, are a figment of her grief. But they're real, and despite the fact that she doesn't even have her license or diploma, they're certain she's the one who will deliver Earth from darkness.

When River's connection to the Voices abruptly shuts off at her school's graduation party, it's a step towards the normalcy she's craved. But when a demon chases her off campus, a werewolf tries to eat her at a bonfire, and Source magic manifests at her fingertips, the Voices aren't there to explain. Instead, a mysterious hunter named Ryder is-he has clues about her identity they unravel together, although she feels like he's unraveling her in the process.

Caught in the middle of a centuries-old battle between two warring supernatural realms, to save humanity, River must find the Voices and unlock a part of her past she's buried since that fateful day with her mom.

If her own self-loathing, and the ultimate betrayal, don't stop her from wielding the power of love and acceptance.

Angel of Water & Shadow is the first novel in The Book of the Watchers, an upper YA paranormal series with a new adult lean and a dark fantasy feel. A fresh twist on angels and demons, where everyone is morally gray, this debut is full of forbidden love, heart-dropping betrayals, and learning how to turn tragic endings into new beginnings.

Author: Tory Guyon
Publisher: Salt and Stars Press
Published: 05/16/2023
Pages: 424
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.94lbs
Size: 8.25h x 5.50w x 1.05d
ISBN: 9798987239100

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