Will Larson

An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management -- Will Larson, Hardcover

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A human-centric guide to solving complex problems in engineering management, from sizing teams to handling technical debt.

There's a saying that people don't leave companies, they leave managers. Management is a key part of any organization, yet the discipline is often self-taught and unstructured. Getting to the good solutions for complex management challenges can make the difference between fulfillment and frustration for teams--and, ultimately, between the success and failure of companies.

Will Larson's An Elegant Puzzle focuses on the particular challenges of engineering management--from sizing teams to handling technical debt to performing succession planning--and provides a path to the good solutions. Drawing from his experience at Digg, Uber, and Stripe, Larson has developed a thoughtful approach to engineering management for leaders of all levels at companies of all sizes. An Elegant Puzzle balances structured principles and human-centric thinking to help any leader create more effective and rewarding organizations for engineers to thrive in.

Author: Will Larson
Publisher: Stripe Press
Published: 05/20/2019
Pages: 288
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.59lbs
Size: 9.30h x 6.20w x 1.10d
ISBN: 9781732265189

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Computers, Hardcover, Project Management, Social Aspects, Software Development & Engineering, Stripe Press, Technology & Engineering, Technology & Industrial Arts, Will Larson

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