America Lost & Found: Bbs/Bd
Criterion Collection

America Lost & Found: Bbs/Bd - Criterion Collection - Blu-Ray

Like the rest of America, Hollywood was ripe for revolution in the late sixties. Cinema attendance was down; what had once worked seemed broken. Enter Bob Rafelson, Bert Schneider and Steve Blauner, who knew that what Hollywood needed was new audiences (namely, young people) and that meant cultivating new talent and new ideas. Fueled by money made from their invention of the superstar TV pop group the Monkees, they set off on a film-industry journey that would lead them to form BBS Productions, a company that was also a community. The innovative films produced by this team between 1968 and 1972 are collected in this box set; works created within the studio system but lifted right out of the countercultural id, and that now range from iconic to the acclaimed to the obscure. Starring Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Dennis Hooper, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Orson Welles. Films featured include EASY RIDER, FIVE EASY PIECES, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS, HEAD, DRIVE HE SAID, a SAFE PLACE.

Product Attributes: $5 - $10, Abraham Sofaer, Action & Adventure, Ann Miller, Ann Thomas, Annette Funicello, Antonio Mendoza, Arnold Williams, Barbara Flood, Barc Doyle, Bela Lugosi, Ben Johnson, Benjamin "Scatman" Crothers, Bill Duffy, Bill Thurman, Bill Williams, Billy Greenbush, Bob Rafelson, Bob Rodgers, Bruce Dern, Carmen Phillips, Charles Irving, Charles Laughton, Charles Lavine, Charles Robinson, Cindy Williams, Cloris Leachman, Clu Gulager, Comedy, Conrad Yama, Criterion Collection, Cybill Shepherd, Daniel Kern, David Norris, Davy Jones, Dennis Hopper, Don Hanmer, Douglas Ryan, Drama, Eileen Brennan, Ellen Burstyn, Ellie Walker, Eric Johnson, Fannie Flagg, Featured Blu-ray, Featured Movie Boxed Sets & Bundles, Francesca Hilton, Frank Marshall, Frank Zappa, Gary Brockette, Gary Goodrow, Gordon Hurst, Gwen Welles, Helena Humann, Helena Kallianiotes, Henry Jaglom, I. J. Jefferson, Imogene Bliss, Irene Dailey, Jack Nicholson, Jeff Bridges, Jerry Fujikawa, Jessie Lee Fulton, Joey Walsh, John Hillerman, John Ryan, Josh Mostel, Julia Anne Robinson, Julie Robinson, June Fairchild, Karen Black, Ken Smith, Kimberly Hyde, Lea Marmer, Lee Harvey, Logan Ramsey, Lois Smith, Lorna Thayer, Loyd Catlett, Luana Anders, Luke Askew, Lynn Bernay, Mac Mashourian, Marlena MacGuire, Michael Margotta, Michael Nesmith, Michael Pataki, Micky Dolenz, Mike Warren, Movie Boxsets, Movies, Movies & TV Boxsets, Movies & TV Prime Day, Movies & TV › Movies, Noble Willingham, Orson Welles, Over $10, Percy Helton, Peter Bogdanovich, Peter Fonda, Peter Tork, Phil Proctor, Phil Spector, Ralph Waite, Ralph Williams, Randy Quaid, Ray Nitschke, Richard Stahl, Robert Arnold, Robert Ball, Robert Glenn, Robert Page, Robert Towne, Roger Garrett, Rona Barrett, Ronald Reagan, Sabrina Scharf, Sally Ann Struthers, Sam Bottoms, Sandy Wyeth, Sharon Taggart, Sonny Liston, Sully Boyar, Susan Anspach, T. C. Jones, Terry Garr, Timothy Bottoms, Timothy Carey, Tita Colorado, Tom Martin, Toni Basil, Tony King, Tuesday Weld, Under $5, Van Kirksey, Victor Mature, Vito Scotti, Warren Finnerty, William Bagdad, William Challee, William Pabst, William Tepper

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